Games Stay Put

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Games Stay Put

Games Stay Put
If i buy a ps2 game but then later buy a ps3 will the games have different graphics or stay as they are on ps2

like say i buy madden 07 on ps2 then i buy a ps3 i put the game in the ps3 will the graphics change or stay ps2 graphics

Sony initially announced 100% backwards compatibility, later sony announced that some titles had problems, mostly with sound playback.

It has also been reported that some scenes from the Gran Turismo racing game might freeze, the game Suikoden III cannot read data from a first-generation PlayStation, and a virtual gun in one of the Biohazard games will not fire properly.

So basically you shouldnt be expecting all your PS2 games to work fine with PS3, you might see some glitch in Display, Sound and Controls. Hope that helps.

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Contra (NES) - Part 1 of 2

Most Popular Video Games Of 2008 - Top Rated Combats

The importance of knowing the most popular video games is a must for every gamer. Because for anyone who games as a hobby, there is the need to know exactly what are the top rated combats, especially amongst the most popular video games. This can help you to tap into new games, and to define how other games relate to the old ones so you have the best of concepts available. If you want to make sure that you know what the top rated options are, then you can begin by looking at the most recent reviews and votes available for the best in gaming for the year.

For Wii Fanatics

If you are into Wii, then you want to keep a look out for the newest and best 3D versions of battles and adventure. In spot number one for Wii is Super Smash Brothers Brawl, the best of Mario Brothers. This game includes Nintendo characters that no longer look for the dragon at the end of the tunnel, but instead get into complete combat. The second most popular item on Wii is "Call of Duty: World at War." The story behind this includes the character Treyarch, who is in World War II and in combat with Japanese Forces. Following close behind is the infamous "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess," "World of Goo," and "No More Heroes."

Xbox 360 Fighters

If you are into the game console of the Xbox or Xbox 360, than there are definite games to try out for size and to rank as a part of the most popular options. The highest voted for game on this console is "Braid," a place with several worlds that have to be traveled through to save a princess. Following close behind on this console is "Gears of War 2," an epic combat series that leaves you fighting off the bad guys. Following in the footsteps of these two top games are "Dead Space," "NHL 09" and "Fallout 3," all which are receiving the top 9 out of 10 ratings for being entertaining and some of the best games to play.

PC Popularity

The votes for Internet gamers included high ratings with several games coming in close second for the title. The most popular video game for the Internet was "Grand Theft Auto IV," a continuation to race to Liberty City. Following behind this is "World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King," which includes both exploration and combat to overcome levels of warfare. Rated all behind this are the "World of Goo," "Dead Space" and "Fallout 3" all which include game console graphics that are added into the PC and opens up a new world of combat. For anyone who wants to be a part of the gaming revolution, is also the ability to find the best in games and to get into the top rated possibilities for gaming. If you want to find more of what is available, then you can check online links to video game sections below for the best options. This will help you enjoy even more and to make your own judgments about the most popular video games. Staying in touch with the latest reviews and ratings is one that can open you into new and different adventures with the capability of fighting with even more combat.

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