Glassy Gloss Lip

October 20, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Glassy Gloss Lip

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Glassy Gloss Lip
Super-glossy drugstore lipgloss?

I love super glossy lip gloss- the stuff that makes you lips look glassy/wet. I don't mind if it's a little sticky. There was a clinique lipgloss that i bought a few months ago that I really liked for its glossiness. My budget is low, I'm looking for a drugstore lipgloss that is really glossy!!! Any recommendations? Thanks! 10 POINTS!!!

covergirl Amazemint lip gloss is very good it has a very good color and it has peppermint oil for that cooling feeling I love this lip gloss and it super shinny.cost $7.99 at any drugstore.
also maybelline Shinylicious lip gloss is super shinny and has very nice color cheap $5.99 at rite aid or walmart.
Bonnebell vita gloss also is good very shiny light color it has very glassy look cost $3.49 at walmart
also Loreal colour juice sheer lip gloss has great color shiny also very good coverage super shiny cost $5.99 .

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Sweet Excesses - Glassy Gloss

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