Gloss Beauty Rush

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Gloss Beauty Rush

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Gloss Beauty Rush
Do You have a Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss Collection?

I do, I have six lip gloss from Beauty Rush Lip GLoss Collection: Candy Baby, Red Delicious, Bubble it up, Cupquake, Iced Teased and Lotta Colada all these smells so good. I got the 5 for 20 deal but I bought Candy Baby Day ago

What's your Collection an tell me which one you got

I don't have a collection of them but I did buy a few about a month or so ago.......
I can only remember one name.. Bubble it up. I like it, but I'm not crazy about it. It tastes good though(:

... not that I eat it or anything, haha.

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Beauty Rush Lip Gloss - ENGLISH PROJECT

Makeup Makes You Look Better And What Is The Harm In It

Don't stop using make up to look beautiful no matter what others try to say.. Beauty may be “skin deep” as wise people claim, but it is still something that has fascinated people for ages. Specially those women whose beauty increase with make up. How nice to improve your looks by using cosmetics.

Make up can be natural or mineral. Natural make up can make you look pretty without showing your make up. The make up used should close to your skin shade to get a natural look. The amount of cosmetics to be applied in natural makeup will, however, depend on the style you choose and the nature of the occasion.

For an event in the night a heavy make up will be good. But lighter shades are suitable for daytime parties as natural light itself would make your facade more beautiful. Skin tone and the foundation should match. You will successfully have a no make up look for yourself.

Mineral make up actually are made up of finely ground minerals from the earth and are quite popular among women today. These make up doesn't have the dyes or chemicals as in traditional make up. If you want a natural but pretty looking face then mineral make up is for you. In addition, mineral makeup does not clog skin pores, lasts for the whole day, and acts as sunscreen. These products can be used for years and they do not contain any harmful preservatives or chemicals.

For any type of makeup, you must use cosmetics. They beautify your appearance to make it more attractive. Of course the cosmetics are not medicines that will alter your body functions. cosmetics are categorized as mineral,organic or nature friendly cosmetics too these days.

skin cream or lotion,nail paint,eye and face make up,lipsticks and lip gloss ,perfumes all constitute a make up kit.

Who does not want to look beautiful? Even men are not far behind in rushing to beauty salons to look good. Your beauty woes can be curbed by make up temporarily. Why not?

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