Hair Curler

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Hair Curler

Hair Curler

Hair Curler

Good appearance with waves of hair is not a big problem for womenfolks. Although not an infinite number of difficult problems must also be a trick perfect for your hair looks so clean and bright, as the young actress Lindsay Lohan.

The lover of Samantha Ronson always look stunning with your hair style sexy as I was at the New Year festival of the night at the Mansion, in Miami.

Quoted by Cosmopolitan, one of the famous stylist Ric Pipino will tell the trick right to the creation of shaking his hair like Lindsay Lohan have, which is ...

Use cream style

To maintain hair clean, even windy out there, you can use cream style. Not only to keep the hair clean, but also assistance can make the special presentation feels.

Using hair roller

Effect of waves in the hair can be seen clearly with the use of tools like hair roller. For the natural use of roller waves as a result hair wrap hair for several minutes. Now it will be more spectacular.

Hairdresser Machine

For maximum results make waves, you can also use the hair curler device. Take one or two inches from the bottom of the hair and stirred at random or the game as the final stage, do not forget to spray hair spray to make her look more perfect.

Shaking Hair

Before going outside, which was best picture of her hair to appear more extended and create different effects. Also hair spray lacquer before exiting.

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