Hair Lace

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Hair Lace

Hair Lace

First things first ... ... Preparation Preparation Preparation ...!

-Gather your application products for easy access and prepare your own hair either braided in small braids, pin your hair curly or wrap tightly. The main objective is to get your hair as flat as possible. With a wig Cap is optional.

-Pin and clip all the hair on the unit (especially the baby hairs) away from the edges of the perimeter of the wig.

-Apply Fray Block to lace as shown in containers and let dry. (Optional) Please note that Fray Block will help stop wearing his lace. Fray bloc should dry clear.

"Careful of extra lace around the perimeter of the wig for the hair is knotted, taking care not to cut baby's hair.

-Apply the alcohol or cleaner with a cotton ball to clean the skin around the edges of the natural hairline. The aim is to remove all excess oil from your skin. Apply sunscreen to the scalp of the area to be bonded. Let dry.

-Position lace wig on his head. Use an eyebrow pencil, lightly trace the hairline of the wig on his forehead.

Using an application brush or Q-Tip, apply adhesive just beyond the line hair with the manufacturer of lace wig adhesive. Once the queue is ready (depending on the type of glue) lace wig on your head position with hairline rolled back. Beginning in the middle of the forehead, the bond wig to head by pressing on one side then the other, with the end of a tail comb. Rayita Bond first front, then in the neck. Use the back of comb to press even harder to ensure the lace front wig at the hairline. Allow time for the glue to fully cure / dry before styling. (usually 24 hours)

Fasten edges of hair with a silk handkerchief to the glue has fully set / cured.

Apply adhesive / Tapes

Preparing the lace wig, hair and skin as mentioned above.

Cut the tape into desired shapes and adhere firmly around the perimiter of the lace unit.

Unit position on its head. Remove the backing of the tape in sections, a little at a time. From the middle of the forehead, firmly press the tape into the skin with tail comb.

Fasten edges of the hair with a silk handkerchief until the adhesive has set.


To achieve greater expected, combining the use of liquid adhesives and tape. The film helps to preserve the socket to protect it from frequent wear and tear. To the tape and glue application, first apply glue to hairline, then apply the tape to the forehead and the nape of the wig. The film releases in the wig firmly. When the glue is ready, remove the support of the tape and press the lace down on the skin using a tail comb.

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