Hair Loss

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Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

In a recent article printed in the European Journal of Dermatology in relation to a product of hair loss herbal who are currently studying in Kang et, researchers have been studying a native plant called black Schisandra the island of Jeju in South Korea for its rumored ability to re-grow hair. Today being documented studies in the rat hair with good results.

They applied 85% ethanol extract of S. Black (Schisandra black) to the hair rat vibrissae. The most common effect was vibrissa follicles showed a significant increase in the length of the hair fiber and the anagen induction of the stem Hair (growth phase) progression. The expression of proliferating cell nuclear antigen in the bulb matrix region and the proliferation of immortalized vibrissa dermal papilla cells also increased with signs of increased activity in hair follicle cells, when applied S. Nigra EtOH (ethanol) extract.

The researchers examined S. Nigra conjunction with TGF-beta 2 complex to help determine what mechanism can induce growth hair. TGF-beta 2 is a signaling pathway known to regulate induction of catagen phase begins when the hair growth cycle ends.

After implementing S. hair black rat for 7 days, the results show that the expression of TGF-beta 2 was significantly lower in the bulb region of the matrix compared control the expected follicles in the anagen phase catagen. The results suggest that the extract of S. Nigra potentially promotes hair growth through down regulation of TGF-beta 2 and the proliferation of the dermal papilla.

In simpler terms, the plant extract black S. follicles stops Hair to enter their resting phase. With hair follicles enter their resting phase, hair looks more at the same time. These results only apply to the hair in the rat time and have not been confirmed to be effective in human hair growth.

We currently do not recommend the use of herbal products for hair loss for treating men and women with hair loss patterns due to the lack of substantial evidence of its effectiveness. We, however, continue the review and monitoring of any new findings or updates around the world and keep our readers up to date with your questions and needs of hair restoration.

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