Hair Serum

December 12, 2006 by The Gossip Chic  
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Hair Serum

Hair Serum
Hair Serum ..?

Hello, I wash my hair frizz smooth Elive intense as easily straightening spray and frizz ease hair serum in my hair after down and blow dry straight. Then, about 3 hours later I go to sleep, wake up and have curly hair then straighten it out and walk to school at the time I come to the school of your curly and frizzy. Can you recommend a hairspray and how you go about your use? (ie spray before straightening?) and can be used frizz ease hair serum on dry hair before straightening or going to go greasy? Thanks x I had my hair cut 2 weeks ago.

Do you have to cut to the last 2 weeks? Because having a haircut makes the weight stack in the cause of your hair go curly, curly hair cut, a cut or whatever, then use the same product is now used are tools offer fantastic ABIT ABIT lacquer and ultra hold spray on the hair after spraying Dont dry and straightened too, Then do a little spriz will keep frizz for a day or so =]] x

Getting that relaxed look with natural hair.

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