Hair Straighteners

February 7, 2007 by The Gossip Chic  
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Hair Straighteners

Hair Straighteners
Hair straighteners?

I've heard hair straighteners really damage your hair. What brand and type of hair straighteners least damage? My friend said ceramic straighteners are the best, but some people told me something different. He said there are some products that can keep your hair is damaged so What are they called and what brand?-THANKS =] Are straighteners Conair horrible? I intend only to use it to my bangs, so I really do not want splurge in others.

straighters and may actually damage the hair if used too. So keep your IT burnt hair falls just have to use the board on special occasions such as weddings, parties or dates. that will help your hair and you should, as your natural hair.

How to create Zig Zags with your hair Straighteners

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