Hanson Speaks Out About Lindsay Lohan

January 1, 2008 by Susan  
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The Hanson brothers are all married with children now despite only being in their twenties. Recently, Taylor (the cute one) and Zac (the youngest one) had this to say about Lindsay Lohan and the party girls of Hollywood:

Interviewer: Tabloids recently have been obsessed with child stars gone wild. For me, it highlights how you guys have managed to keep normal lives. How did you do that?

Zac: I think the biggest element is that it was always our creativity and our desire to make music that put us in our position. I mean, it was also dumb luck, but we were the creative force.

Taylor: This business is so much about excess. And Lindsay Lohan has nobody telling her, "You're an idiot." I think she's talented. She's probably smarter than the Parises of the world. With us, it's not so much that we're clean-cut; it's that we're not completely in excess. We drink and smoke and go out, but we're not completely out of control.

Zac: And actors aren't in control of their careers. They're reading someone else's lines. For us, it was always our music, and we didn't want to screw that up.

Hanson on Lindsay Lohan


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