Heated Eye Lash

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Heated Eye Lash

Heated Eye Lash
Iris depigmentation?

About a year ago heat from a grill blew back in my face. The heat was so hot it singed my eyebrows and eye lashes the heat also came in contact with my eyes. My eyes went red for a bit but there was not much pain then the pain went. My eyes seem fine now but over time i have noticed my eye color looks faded and dull has the heat some how caused depigmentation in the iris if so does anyone know what has happend and can the effects be reversed?

It is common with heat radiation injuries, from what I know. I am not sure if it is reversable, this ia great question for an ophthalmologist. I am only and optician.

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‘One Stop’ For Hair and Beauty

In the business for over 40 years and providing a vast range of treatments to pamper the most discerning clients, boast a strong team of creative hairdressers and beauticians, this Hair and Beauty Salon in London is in a league of its own.

No matter what the occasion a visit to JAs (Joshua Altback) London Salon will leave you feeling great about yourself and looking wonderful.  Experts in cutting, colouring, Brazilian Hair Straightening, (this treatment is a process that transforms frizzy, curly, hair into silky, shiny and healthy hair.  This straightening process does not use strong chemicals to open and close the hair cuticle, using Karatin which is a natural substance which comprises approximately 88% of your hair, only coats the hair) extensions, which the salon specialize in using the finest quality 100% supreme bond European cuticle hair, the salon uses a non-glue system which of course is much better for the condition of the hair, so, no heat, glue, or chemicals in this process this St. Johns Wood Salon can give their clients length, volume or highlights for only a weekend if that is what they want.  Also parties and bridal hair, together with beauty treatments will give a “total effect” which is perfect for that special event.

Joshua Altback Beauty Salon London with their team of beauty and skincare experts offering everything from eye lash tinting, manicures, pedicures, spray tanning to CACI face and body lifting, CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) the most significant feature of this treatment is that it delivers a combination of frequencies and current to stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue making it a non surgical face and body lift technique. 

Going on to another procedure in this ‘One Stop’ St. Johns Wood Salon is Gulnot facials, deep cleansing and nourishing with active ingredients to oxygenate and improve the texture of the skin caters for all skincare needs which gives the skin that glowing rejuvenating and regenerating result. 

Electrolysis Hair Removal, this treatment goes back to 1875 when Dr Charles Michel Ophthalmologist from St. Louis reported he had been successful to treat in growing eyelashes (Trichiasis) by using a battery powered needle epilator, of course over the years this treatment has evolved and experienced staff at the salon performing this procedure of permanent hair removal with nearly 100% rate of success.

A spokesman for Joshua Altback (JA) said “We can take on any task and hit the spot every time, we have a team with outstanding technical knowledge and creative ability, we get satisfaction giving of our best and achieving that WOW factor for all”.


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