Instyler Rotating

September 1, 2005 by The Gossip Chic  
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Instyler Rotating

Instyler Rotating
Does the rotation Instyler straightener really work?

My hair is very short, about shoulder length. It's also kind of curly. When dry is very curly. Most regular straighteners work, but not the cross-strait remains throughout the day. Is Instyler right for me? If not, what would you recommend?

Recommend or ISO Chi straightener. because my mom has the Instyler, and lasts an eternity. In addition to its end does not go down, or at the top or out, her hair is very thick, and like his. But mine is like waving people thin, so I use Chi and ISO, but in my heart, I have seen with ISO use thick hair, thick hair, and do it directly in less than 20 minutes.

How To: Instyler Rotating Iron- Thick Frizzy Curly Hair

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