Iron Ceramic

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Iron Ceramic

Iron Ceramic

Hair smoothing procedures have been too popular nowadays. People are dying to get that looked Rihanna, short, black hair cut bangs and style. Some copy the look of Victoria Beckham, have an asymmetric Bob and his handsome face framed by her pounding bangs. Others love the look of Kate Moss, who is considered the aspect hottest season, with straight hair with bangs then spend a little eye. All these styles are so striking that women really envy them. However, for some who are not naturally born in direct blockade this may be a problem. You may have to undergo, hair treatments and reconditioning thermal or super straight hair Rebonding them celebrities are how are you.

This hair treatment can be costly. They are also permanent and if you fail, the old hair you can not simply drink again. Of course, you have decided on the choice of your hairstyle and what you have to live with it, no matter how seen. Design with your hair can become very limited because it has to do what it takes to keep your hair immediately after a costly procedure. If you is ready for this after permanent straightening. However, if you only want to be temporary (some days running, some days not), you can opt to use flat ceramic iron at all times.

Having to use this device requires a technique to achieve pin straight hair that has been seeking. If Bob has a curly or wavy long hair, with the right fist and the preparation of your hair can look naturally straight. Of course, do not look as good as it looks in photos if the device does not have the execution of an iron well. To find one, you should choose to select with ceramic plates.

Have been added Additional features on these devices to meet their needs smoothing. Some of its developments are:

A digital phase

Yes, these devices are now no longer limited to high and low options. This time, have screens to let you know how hot the device already.

Go Mini

Some people do not want to sacrifice your hair style, even when traveling. Manufacturers have recognized these needs. So, have expandable irons invented. In this way, they adapt perfectly to your luggage.

IR Presentation

The use of flat ceramic flat iron is good because even heat distribution. However, what the heat is greater in some of these devices using infrared. It does not burn the outside of your hair rather than hitting the core while sealing moisture inside.

Mixed technology (introduction of tourmaline and titanium in a single device)

Some not only the use of ceramics, but also combine tourmaline and titanium technology, which improves the heating capacity of these devices. Improve the ability of these devices to retain moisture by trapping water molecules instead of dissipating them.

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