It’s A Baby Girl For Joey Fatone

January 13, 2010 by The Gossip Chic  
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5th Annual Peapod

Joey Fatone, a former N'Sync member and his wife Kelly welcomes a new addition in their family, Kloey Alexandra Fatone who was born last MOnday night. Kloey is the couple's second daughter. Briahna, 8 years old, Fatone's eldest child was the one who chose her little sister's name.

"Kloey's so small. She looks like a little doll. But she's healthy and doing just fine.", the proud father tells the media.

Although Kelly was once diagnosed with Methylene-Tetra-Hydro-Folate-Reductase, a rare and life threatening condition to Kelly and with predisposes their baby from potentially suffering from Down's Syndrome. Last week Kelly started suffering from rapid heartbeats and feeling faint, so they induced her two weeks early. But Joey says that everyone is doing great now.

Thankfully, the mother and child were able to surpass such critical condition.

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