Jennifer Aniston Premieres “Horrible Bosses” in LA

June 30, 2011 by The Gossip Chic  
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She’s no stranger to red carpet affairs, and earlier tonight (June 30) Jennifer Aniston made her big arrival at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie “Horrible Bosses.”

The “He’s Just Not That Into You” actress was looking mighty fine in a stylish black frock as she hammed it up for the shutterbugs outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

And according to a FOX Pop Tarts source, Jen has been exhibiting some very Angelina Jolie-like tendencies as of late, including getting a tattoo and stealing her new boyfriend Justin Theroux out of a 14-year relationship.

“Jennifer Aniston definitely seems to be taking a page out of the Angelina Jolie book! She's savvy and she knows what people want to see from her. She just wanted Justin no matter what and went after him. It seems like she doesn't care about the fact that he had a girlfriend. He might have told her they were broken up but Heidi didn't seem to know. Jen once said Brad was missing a sensitivity chip but it seems like she's the one now who is missing the sensitivity chip."

Dr. Patrick Wanis, a human behavior expert agrees. “Jennifer may be subconsciously modeling and matching Angelina because she sees that Angelina has what Jennifer always wanted – stability in love, success on and off screen and meaningful goals that unite and deepen the bonds between Angelina and Brad.”

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