Kabuki Fan Makeup

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Kabuki Fan Makeup

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Kabuki Fan Makeup
Makeup for my cousin?

My cousin's birthday is coming up soon (in january) and I was thinking of getting her some starting out makeup. (right now all she wears is like lip gloss) But she's 12, and not everyone is wearing makeup at her age so I don't know what to get her that will make her look normal yet pretty for everyday wear.

I've been a big fan of e.l.f cosmetics cuz of quality and price. So I was thinking of giving her some products.

This is what I was thinking of getting her:
Luscious Liquid Lipstick - baby lips
concealer brush
all over cover stick
Fair mineral Foundation
Kabuki face brush
Neutral Nude eyeshadow kit
Shimmering Facial whip - Persimmon
All over color stick - pink lemonade
Super glossy lip shine SPF 15 - watermelon

all of that is about $20.00 with a coupon.
Do you think I should get her that?
oh yeah :)
the neautral nude eyes kit comes with mascara.
it comes with eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelash curler, clear mascara, eyeshadow brush. And a how-to guide.

I think foundation and lipstick is a bit too much for a 12 year old. I'm in 7th grade and have never seen any girl my age (13) or 14 or 12 or 11 wear lipstick. Everything else you picked is really good, though!!!!

Modern Geisha/Kabuki Inspired Makeup

Italian Badger Kabuki Brush

Mineral makeup is a healthy alternative to traditional cosmetics. Your skin looks great and gives you that natural appearance. Getting that flawless look has as much to do with the makeup as the applicator. Most mineral makeup is applied with kabuki makeup brushes. Here, you can learn about the Italian badger kabuki brush.

Choose from synthetic or natural hair kabuki brushes. You can purchase synthetic brushes more cheaply than the natural ones but people with sensitive skin may have a problem with synthetic bristles. Skin irritations can result when they are used.

Natural kabuki brushes have less chance of causing these irritations in people with sensitive skin. Natural hair kabuki brushes are softer to the touch which is good for your face. Italian badger kabuki brushes are becoming the choice more and more for mineral makeup users.

What sets these brushes apart?

Have you ever seen a badger? They are cute animals related to weasels. You might have heard of their cousin, the sable. Natural brushes are made from their hairs as well. Badgers around the world come in different colors but have the same look: they have a white face with a colored streak on either side of their nose.

If you want a truly soft natural hair makeup brush try an Italian badger kabuki brush. The texture makes them just right for all types of mineral powders: bronzers, blushes and foundations. These dense kabuki brushes stay compact for even coverage on your face. Unlike other brushes, they don't have a problem with skewed bristles going every way but down.

Animal lovers don't have to shun natural hair makeup brushes. When making Italian badger kabuki brushes the animals themselves are not harmed. This kabuki brush is cruelty-free so rest easy.

What do these brushes look like?

There is a distinct coloring with Italian badger kabuki brushes. You might say that they resemble their animal of origin. These kabuki mineral makeup brushes are white with black tips. In the Italian badger line, there are several brushes to be used for applying the mineral makeup powders:

• Kabuki fan brush

• Kabuki flat top brush

• Kabuki dome brush

• Short kabuki deluxe brush

All of the brushes, regardless of their shape, have the soft bristles that make makeup application a joy. Only a small amount of mineral powder is needed because the powder extends the length of the bristle. Using too much powder can cause caking and accentuate those fine lines and wrinkles.

Anything else?

When you take care of your Italian badger kabuki brush, you will have it to use for a long, long time. There could be a smell when you first purchase it since it's an animal hair brush. As you clean the kabuki brush, the smell will go away. Clean the brush before you use it the first time if the smell is that bad.

Since the Italian kabuki makeup brush is made from natural hairs, use the same shampoo for your head on the makeup brush. Rinse the brush in clear water and squeeze out any excess. Shake and separate the bristles before drying it.

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