Kanekalon Weave

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Kanekalon Weave

Kanekalon Weave
loss of men or women can create feelings of vulnerability, self-awareness and a loss of self esteem. Imagine every day to be a "bad day ". This is what people who are balding or have suffered significant experience hair loss every day of their lives.

With hair weaving techniques that add more hair, they can regain their confidence, self esteem and youthfulness.

Aging chronic hair pulling (trichotillomania) and hair regrowth after chemotherapy incomplete are some factors that can create partial loss of hair.

For those of you new to the area of hair weave this article will provide basic information on hair tissue to establish a system hair replacement and wig, and introduce electric hair tissue machine. This device helps the stylist create the exact look you want, and shortens the time it takes to create the track weaving.

First, Here are some basic terms.

Hair Extensions is where either synthetic or human hair is woven or knitted Cornrow in the person of existing natural hair on the scalp. A plot of extension or custom hair system after is sewn into the theme created.

An extension of hair is natural or synthetic hair that sticks to the existing natural hair.

Natural human hair used for weaving, wigs and extensions come mainly from Asia and, to a lesser degree China, India, Eastern Europe and Russia. This human hair comes in a wide variety of types. The highest is pure human hair from young donors, which has been carefully crafted leaving cuticles intact. This is called "Remy" hair. human hair can also come at the lower levels including those diluted with animal or synthetic hair. high produced 100% quality European human hair is of course more expensive than hair mixed with animal hair or synthetic.

The Synthetic Hair may be made of a variety of synthetic fibers of Kanekalon, Toupelon, wool, alpaca, mohair, rayon, goat, nylon, and yak. Synthetic hair comes in plots and single strands for braids. This type of hair is best used for braids from the use of heating appliances, like straightening combs and curling is not recommended. For the simple reason of supply synthetic hair is cheaper than natural hair high human quality.

Corn-rowed hair concerns to a traditional style of African origin in which hair is done in small braids beginning close to the scalp. These can be made in simple rows or very complex patterns.

Human hair extensions can also come in more than Remy cuticle or unprocessed European Caucasian grades and categories including those less diluted with animal or synthetic hair.

One of the most innovative recent inventions in the world of hair replacement is the electric hair weaving machine. The hair weaving machine takes the place of traditional Cornrow braids and is used to help the stylist to create the theme for connecting natural hair extensions or synthetic, to the head. Using this machine's stylist, saving time while keeping the track extremely small, and less detectable, usually the size of a pencil. With it you can connect several different types of hair additions in the head as integrations, wefts, wigs and partial hairpieces giving the client of an extended wear prosthesis "that can and lay down with rain in

Systems hair replacement have been a part of society since the ancient Egyptians. With current advances, such as electric hair weaving machine that can do hair extensions custom hairpieces and more natural looking than ever before, and so help our customers get exactly what you want.

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