Keratin Hair

May 7, 2005 by The Gossip Chic  
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Keratin Hair

Keratin Hair
To what extent the work in the keratin treatment hair women's hair African American '?

I want to prove that the hair keratin treatment Coppola to fix my hair. Mainly I just want to be able to get his hair wet and not returned to all the keys and everything.

Although it appears that the product is designed for straight hair (Caucasian) that is curly and frizzy, if you want to fix your hair completely, why not try one of the lye or no relaxing available bleach. Lately I've been using Root Stimulator Olive Oil No-lye relaxer in some of my clients. The correction is excellent without the burn! I'm sure complex hair keratin therapy would be the best option.

Keratin Hair Extension Installation Demo

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