Kms California

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Kms California

Kms California

The new Ferrari California will satisfy even the most demanding of owners in term of its excellent vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure. The new model will be available exclusively as a convertible with a folding hard top. Both chassis and bodywork are aluminum, in line with the rest of the current range. The California will be powered by a new V8 engine mounted for the first time in the history of the mark in the center front position.

Aligned with the tradition of Ferrari, the new model also features auto body parts several innovations. Apart from its folding hardtop, these include the original 2 + concept which guarantees exceptional versatility of use in the rear of the car. The California 4300 cc V8 engine features direct injection gasoline and a "flat" crankshaft. It generates 460 hp at 7,500 rpm with a torque curve that enhances vehicle dynamics and provides maximum driving pleasure which is typical for Ferrari.

Depending on the design of traditional Ferrari transaxle, motor, which allows the Ferrari California to sprint from 0 to 100 kmh in less than 4.0 seconds, will be mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission that boosts the performance of the car while enhancing driving excitement, improves ride comfort and reduces fuel consumption and emissions (c.310 g / km CO2). The comfort is further enhanced by a new multilink rear suspension system. The Ferrari California is also equipped with the exclusive F1 Trac traction control system which made its debut on the 599 GTB Fiorano and has been further refined to accommodate normal driving conditions expected for this new GT. Brakes Brembo carbon ceramic discs as standard guarantee superbly efficient braking.

Also sporting classic styling cues of the brand, the cabin has also been beautifully decorated with quality materials by craftsmen Ferrari's own skilled. Parties New bodywork accessories and equipment such as seats, steering wheel, instrument panel and infotainment system, together with optimized aerodynamics ensure that this is a car highly ergonomic and enjoyable to drive, regardless of whether the lid is up or down.

The Ferrari California is aimed at owners who desire a car which embodies everything the Prancing Horse represents in terms of sporty design and innovation, but also seek a car with greater versatility ever. The car will be officially unveiled to the public at the Paris International Exhibition hire. However, during the coming weeks, new photographs and details of which will also be published.

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Article Source: - Ferrari Unveils California Innovation

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