Lancome Eye Shadow

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Lancome Eye Shadow

Lancome Eye Shadow
what do you think of my makeup routine?

i use...
-revlon colorstay blemish concealer on blemishes, and stila illuminating concealer on undereye circles
-bare minerals spf 15 foundation
-maybelline dream mousse blush in whipped strawerries, or sometimes i use lorac blush
-loreal wear infinite eye shadow singles in buttercup (gold color) on lids up to crease
-lancome color designs eye shadow in pink veil dusted over gold and in inner corners of eyes
-either black or brown eyeliner
-curl lashes
-lip gloss

do you think this is a good look? i'm not overdoing my makeup am i? this routine takes me about 7 minutes

That sounds great. This make-up is definitely noticeable, but not overdone. =) Beautiful colors!

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How to Depot Lancome Eyeshadow

Follow Celebrity Fashion Icon -- Michelle Obama (Make-up for black skin)

With her toned 5ft 10 1/2 in frame and her impeccable fashion choices, Michelle Obama effortlessly stood out during her and her husband's visit to Britain this week. Wowing crowds with her tactility, approachability and warmth, she also managed - advertently or no - to pad out her new role as fashion icon.

Much has been made of her continued support for fledgling American designers such as Jason Wu and Thakoon Panichgul. Others have noted how, in support of her husband's anti-protectionism stance, she chose a few European designers too - witness the Azzedine Alaïa belt she wore over the chartreuse Wang dress, and a cardigan by Junya Watanabe. While the UK fashion press went wild for "the new Diana" - and bemoaned our own first lady's comparably dowdy sartorial get-ups - in the US there were some faint rumblings of discontent, with Women's Wear Daily questioning why she has as yet chosen to largely ignore the so-called big guns of American fashion: Calvin Klein, Donna Karen and Ralph Lauren. Either way, step aside Carla Bruni, following this week's events, there is only one clear fashion leader on the world's political stage.

No one could have foreseen how popular Victoria Beckham's Pob (a mix between a crop and a bob) would have been last year. Women all over the world followed suit. Last night Michelle Obama, America's First Lady, stepped into the limelight with a new style combining lots of body and a side sweeping fringe. Most noticeable is the length - Michelle is proving that short hair really is the style of the moment. We love this new glamorous look for the US President's wife.

Do you want to follow Michelle Obama's taste?

Let's check out the Make-up for black skin:

Discover our top five make-up staples for black skin:

Foundation and concealer for black skin

John Gustafson recommends getting your foundation and concealer custom made if you are having trouble matching a shop brought foundation to your skin tone. This works exceptionally well for those with black skin as you can get an exact match which you can feel confident wearing daily.

Prescriptives Custom blend foundation and concealer from £32

Lip gloss for black skin

This is very natural colour with a touch of grey to it. It looks really pretty against black skin tones and adds a lovely touch of gloss to lips instantly.

Lancôme Pure Juicy Tube in Sesame £13.50

Blusher for black skin

This blusher gives a lovely warm tone to black skin. Blushers for darker skins are best in browns and terracotta shades rather than pinks. Remember to work with your skin tone rather than against it.

Givenchy Prisme Again! Blush In Euphoric orange £27.40,

Eye shadow for black skin

Illamasqua originally designed products that were perfect for the stage with their bold colours and shimmery shades. Their eye shadows are great for black skin as they are highly pigmented so what you see is what you get. Accentuate your eyes with a rich brown colour and add a metallic finish for some extra pizzazz.

Illamasqua eye shadows £14,

Eyeliner for black skin

This eyeliner will make a statement on black skin: it's creamy, highly pigmented and black, black, black! What's more it lasts seriously well.

Clinique Quickliner for eyes in Really Black

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