Lancome Magique Matte

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Lancome Magique Matte

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Lancome Magique Matte
Question about mousse foundation ??

Hii !! So i want to buy a new foundation and i was thinking of trying some form of mousse foundation .. i know maybelline has one, the dream matte mousse, but i would prefer to spend at bit more (you get what you pay for!) .. iv checked the MAC website and they dont seem to have any type of "mousse" product , does anyone know of any good brands that carry a mousse foundation ?? (I live in canada btw) .. such as the Lancome magique matte mousse foundation ?? i dont want to spend 40 $ for nothing, soo am just looking for some opinions !! any help would be appreciated !!

I've had a mousse foundation before. I liked it but it is very thick. And I found it ran out faster than liquid, since there is less product. Mousse foundations are thick because they are filled with moisterizing compondents and are ment for people with dry skin.

If you do not have dry skin you may find that it is just heavier on your skin and no it does not cover blemishes better than liquid. It will take much more time to apply than liquid too because if not evenly blended it is more noticable in the light your errors.
For best coverage dot skin with product using a make up sponge and blend from there.

Revolon has a good mousse one. It comes with the applicator sponge and a mirror in a compact. most of the major make up lines sell a mousse foundation. L'oreal, Revolon, Maybelline.

If you go to any store you will see be able to see the make up lines products together. You'll find the companies that market towards an older generation will carry the mousse foundation because it targeted for those women to help moisterize their skin which doesn't hold in moister as well as younger consumers.

When it comes down to price though. You may find one will be more expenive than another sometimes based one, what may come with the foundation (sponge, mirror, etc) the case it is held in, and how much of the product there is. And of course quality. Any major brand will guarentee you a good quality, but some may have a texture you may not enjoy as much as the other. Some are alot heavier than others. So try them on your skin first.

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