Lash Building Mascara

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Lash Building Mascara

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Lash Building Mascara
smashbox layer lash primer versus clinique lash building primer?

which one would you choose and why? and would you be able to just wear a mascara primer as regular mascara, or would it be noticeable?

they are usually white so it would be noticeable -_-. I haven't tried either of these yet but I will say that every clinique MASCARA that i've tried (which is actually all of them...I used to love that brand) sucked so badly. So I don't have any faith in their primer lol.

However Smashbox's lash dna mascara was pretty awful when I tried it (got it for $9 from sephora...on sale...maybe old?). going by the reviews though smashboxi s probably your best bet.

I don't use primers because it usually makes my mascara look dumb. I have short, slanted down, stubbornly straight asian eyelashes but if you search hard you can find a mascara that really lengthens and volumizes. But each person is different...loreal telescopic, diorshow, benefit badgal (more natural, the others are more dramatic) all work really well for me.

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Capitalizing On Makeup For The Eyes

Selecting the right stand location at this time of year can result in a close encounter of the monster buck kind. It’s an extremely exciting time to be in the deer woods. There simply is no better time to identify, isolate and exploit the common behavioral traits of mature whitetails bucks than during the pre-rut.

Although the timing of the rut fluctuates across North America -- the farther one travels south, the later the rut occurs -- the tactics described here will work throughout the entire range of the white-tailed deer.

We all know what happens during the rut. Bucks are running around like wild dogs in a helter-skelter manner, chasing every hot doe that crosses their path for miles. Sure you see a lot of bucks during this time of the year, but patterning those bucks and trying to close-in on one particular buck is a nightmare at best.

Start with the base color. These colors are usually light and go all over the eye. This step is especially good for those with deep set eyes or eyes with small areas between the crease and the eyebrow. Use a ½ inch brush to apply the base color. Mature skin types should stick to matte rather than shiny eyeshadow for the base color. For building or puffy eyes, use a dark matte base color so that the puffy part looks less noticeable.

Then you use a neutral dark color to apply on the crease area. Usually this color is chosen to match the color of your outfit. This color helps to outline and define the eyes. For a regular eyes or deep set eyes which have a crease, draw the crease color with the small angular brush or fluff brush. The line should reach just above the crease line, and cover approximately 1/3 of the outer edge of the eye.

The first step is preparation. To prepare, you will need eye shadow and concealer. Starting with a good base will help prevent eye shadow from smudging. You can purchase eye base which will work the best. If you don’t wish to use an eye-only base product, however, just simply apply a very thin veil of your normal foundation all over your eyelids. This evens the skin tone.

The next step is to get rid of red spots and dark circles under your eyes. Take your concealer and apply it just under your eyes as you would if you were covering a pimple or blemish. Make sure you blend it deep into the corners near the bridge of your nose as well. This area often gets missed but can really help to “pop” out your eyes.

If you put on the foundation on your face but not on your neck, your face and your neck will come out with different shades. It will make you look fake. So apply foundation on your neck every time you put it on your face. After applying the foundation, also apply the translucent powder on both face and neck to set it look the same.

One thing that can really bring your eyes stand out is the effective use of mascara, but for mascara to be really effective, you need to make sure that it is applied evenly and without any globs or smudges. The goal is going to be for eyelash strands that are long, dark and separate from each other. If you want to apply your mascara evenly, make sure that you start at the base of the lashes and bring the mascara wand up and out. A small wiggle of the wand will help keep things even and afterwards, the end of the lashes can be finished of with a lash comb. Another tip that can be useful when you are in a hurry is to make sure that any excess mascara is being wiped off from the wand before you use it.

The biggest mistake women make when using cosmetics is the lack of knowledge on the beauty items they use. It's all well and good knowing where to apply the product on the body, but is this enough. No it's not. How much do you know about the slapstick you paint your face with. Do you know how much to use. Do you know what ingredients are contained in the cosmetics that fill your makeup bag? Do you know how to do a skin test for allergies, and how to deal with complications deriving from an allergic reaction? Its matters like this that's essential for you to know if the ugly duckling is to turn into a swan

Foundation can be removed very easily. You can remove it by washing your face with lukewarm water and an organic soap. If the water is too hot, you may start to notice that your skin will get dry. Organic soaps don’t have any chemicals or synthetic materials in them that can dry out or irritate your skin. After you remove the foundation you can use some type of moisturizer or aloe vera to keep your skin free from aging and wrinkles. This isn’t a necessary step for removing makeup, but it is a good beauty tip for keeping your skin youthful and having a beautiful glow. Not to mention properly moisturized as well.

To create your new look curl your eyelashes and apply either black or brown mascara, making sure you don’t use too much. After washing and preparing your facial skin the way your do, softly contour your cheeks with a very pale, sheer pink blush just on your cheekbones, keeping it light. You need just an accent of a neutral pink to give your face a lift. By just dipping the blush brush lightly into the color and then tapping it off before applying it gently helps to prevent too much. Now you add a lip gloss to your lips and your are set too go.

Today there is no woman present in this world who can live without makeup. Makeup has become a necessity for a woman and it comes before anything in her priority list. But applying makeup to her face is in itself is an art. If makeup is not applied properly, then it can hamper the beauty of the woman up to a great extent and the entire make up done would go waste. It would make her look worse than beautiful if it is not applied as told by the experts.

As mentioned earlier, UV rays from the sun can be harmful to your skin because it contributes to loss of elasticity and damages collagen fibers. So what do you need to do to protect your eyes from the sun? Always wear sunglasses with UV protection every time you go out during the day. Refrain from going outdoors from 10AM to 3PM, when the sun is at its brightest. Lastly, look for a sunscreen that is formulated for the sensitive skin around your eyes.

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