Lauder Lip Shaping

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Lauder Lip Shaping

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Lauder Lip Shaping
major makeup help! (:?

okay, so when i go back to school i want my makeup to change and look much better than before. mostly all my makeup is estee lauder. soo all i need is a few ideas on what i should do, to change around my look..

i have medium colored brown hair, blueish greenish grayish eyes (theyre shaped just like taylor swifts almost), im pale also, my lips are a medium colored pink,and heart shaped.

i would really like my eyes to stand out, sometimes it almost seems like one is smaller than the other, also any youtube tutorials would be great!

thanks,and no rude comments.

I have the same eye colour as you and I find that bronze eyeshadow shades bring out my eyes beautifully, so I'd suggest that for you. A cream shadow with a light shimmer washed across the lid, with a bronze in the crease and a dark chocolate brown applied on the outter corner of the eye to make your eyes appear longer/bigger. Then take a matte eyeshadow shade which is similar to your skintone, and use it as your highlight - apply it just underneath the brow bone. and blend it into the shadow in your crease. Then take the same matte eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corner of your eye as this will make your eyes "pop" and waken them up. I'd go with a dark charcoal grey eyeliner (since black can appear harsh) and apply it to the waterline + tightline and then a bit above your upper lashes + smudge it out with a q-tip so it appears smokey.
Since you're pale, I'd go for lighter lipgloss/lipstick shades rather then dark lipgloss/lipstick shades as they may wash you out. Dab a bit of concealer on your lips and blend, then add a pretty pale pink lipgloss or a peachy nude lipgloss, it would look great. Plus, with the lighter lip - your eyes will be the main focus or "stand out" :)
Hope this helps!

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The word "Cosmetics" is a rather broad term targeted towards many market sectors, its dictionary definition is;

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