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Before taking any action to laser treatment

You have lived with acne scars enough, and want to do something respect. But before taking any significant action, such as laser treatment, read on to demystify the world of laser technology. There are many options available, but what are good? Or more importantly, that suits acne scar laser treatment you?

Fortunately, with the laser technology today, you can be sure that the laser procedure is not everything all the pain and destruction. In fact, the healing time is more fast, even though some procedures may require you to return for further treatment or touch-ups now. You want to keep in mind however, that the laser beam may damage some skin pigment, so it is best to understand all the acne laser treatment itself, and leave the procedure up to doctors certificates or dermatologists. Yes, check their credentials. And yes, that also means staying away from doctors not to perform the laser procedure in centers commercial or spas day. He also asked the doctor or dermatologist what type of laser technology that he / she is using, and whether the technology is not, say, 10 years old.

Laser-ZAPPIN 'Acne scar treatments available today

In general, treatments laser to remove acne scars are essentially the same treatment for skin problems as well, using laser technology. Works with laser by removing the scar, the top layer of skin. Thus, the new skin - smoother skin - and collagen (the main protein of connective tissue found in bones, cartilage, skin and tendons) will grow in its place, and finally smooth the acne scar. In addition, the laser is considered more insurance, less invasive procedure than deep chemical peels or dermabrasion (described in the non-treatment laser acne scar.) laser rejuvenation is often combined with one or more other treatments for acne scars. This approach always gives better results compared with other treatments for acne.

There are basically two types of acne laser treatments today, not skin ablative and ablative treatments.

Nonablative skin (non-invasive, also known as no cutting of the skin)

Ablation eliminate literally melting, evaporation, erosion, etc. (do not mean to scare you, that's just a literal translation.)

From the very definition, you can probably see that non-ablative skin is a better alternative to ablative laser treatments. Nonablative treatments can accommodate almost all skin types and all skin colors without complications, and patients will only have the "weekend" recovery downtime.

This type of acne treatment with laser laser uses heat to penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen production, which corrects the wrinkles under the skin. So the skin is intact. The remodeling of collagen in the skin surface is about 6 months or so. Usually this type of treatment consists of 3-5 procedures, extended from two to four weeks apart. The results should be evident after the second treatment and should continue to improve thereafter.

Most commonly used laser technology for this treatment is the Fraxel (re: store) Smoothbeam laser and laser.

Ablative Skin rejuvenation of the skin (more invasive, also known as deleted)

Remember, for ablation literally remove by some kind of fusion or vaporization method.

As compared with non-ablative skin treatment, ablative therapy, of course, more invasive. The laser used in this treatment generates high-energy rays that vaporize directly damage the skin tissue without damaging surrounding areas. Due that the skin has been removed, the new skin and collagen are produced to grow new skin and eventually soften the scar. Note however that the ablative coating skin may cause some side effects of some types of skin and skin color. You should consult your doctor or dermatologist first.

Due to the high beam used in ablative laser skin resurfacing, this type of laser treatment of acne usually requires one visit. The downside is that if the time recovery will be longer, generally taking 4-7 days or more.

Variations of this type of laser treatment include the two known home as carbon dioxide (CO2) and Er: YAG (Erbium). CO2 is the most aggressive, while the Erbium is smoother with a lower laser pulses and less risky period subsequent recovery. The new technology that uses the CO2 method is called the new Fraxle: partner, not to be confused with the original non-ablative Fraxel re: store laser.

Alternatives to acne scar laser treatment

There are also several laser treatments to remove acne scars. Find out more details on the non-acne treatment treatment of acne scar laser, and may even have had a preference as to which one may suit you. Regardless, in the best interest of your health you should discuss with a doctor or dermatologist the best acne treatment is possible before proceeding. Remember, this is a serious consideration should not be taken lightly. And avoid the lack of certified laser centers in the mall. (At least remember this - to hold on to your purchase.) Good luck!

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