Lindsay Lohan 2010 Comeback- On A Sex Tape?

January 15, 2010 by The Gossip Chic  
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Just how many scandals can Lindsay Lohan can get into this year? First off, there was that accusations from her stealing fashion designs from her friend and now a sex tape?

According to Daily Mirror:

“The video film is dynamite. It is pretty seedy and shows Lindsay engaged in a particular sex act which, obviously, should remain behind closed doors.

“Lindsay was desperate to start 2010 off on a good footing and this is the very last thing she needs. If and when it is released on the internet, via a spurious, unofficial website, there is absolutely nothing she or her lawyers can do about it.”

“She is devastated – particularly as she is working hard on cleaning up her act. Lindsay has just made a serious documentary on child poverty in India for the BBC, she is terrified this will be put in jeopardy now. It is fair to say that Lindsay has had a pretty torrid past 24 hours".

In any cases, whether the rumor is true or not, anyone would be upset if your name keeps being dragged from time to time, especially, if you are looking forward to start off your career clean this year. I feel sorry for Lindsay for being dragged for so much controversies and if the sex tape is true? I don't know how to react at all! Let's just keep our fingers crossed then!

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