Lip Stick Lot

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Lip Stick Lot

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Lip Stick Lot
What kind of lip gloss do you recommend?

I usually use lip smackers but I want to try some different kinds of lip gloss. Lots of people have recommended Wetslicks on my other question but they said that it had some pros and cons. So please recommend some good brands of lip gloss for a 12 year old, and please no lip stick, I don't know why, but I just really hate lipstick. XD Please tell me the lip gloss, price and where to buy. And I live in Canada, so I don't have some of the same shops that they have in the U.S. Thnx for helping, <3

OK, i hate lipstick also. So i use Victoria's Secrets Beauty Rush lip gloss! I <3 this stuff! Its so awsome!!!!! This lipgloss gives you long-lasting lip shine/color and tastes really good. Not to mention the smell is good too. They have about 10 different flavors and colors ( natrual colors though ). The price is a bit expensive, but its SO worth it! For a tube of it its about $7 regular but they have a Spring sale for them right now wich is $10 for two of them! Most lipgloss stays on for like 1 hour. This Victoria's Secret's lipgloss stays on for a good 4-5 hours ( just enough to take me through school! ) I highly recommend this lipgloss for you! ( im your age also ) and my mom doesnt like super dark lipgloss on me neither, so thats why i buy this kind! *Good Luck*

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ELF Mineral Lip Stick Haul/Reviews

Common Beauty Mistakes – How to Remedy Bad Brows and Lifeless Lips

Everyone commits a beauty mistake one time or another but some commit them more than do others.  Don’t fret because a lot of these common beauty mistakes are easily remedied by a few tricks of the trade. You don’t have to go to a beauty salon every time and get your beauty emergency fixed by a professional stylist in landau scrubs. In times of economic recession, you have to go at it DIY most of the time and save yourself a handful of bucks in the process.  Two of the most common beauty mistakes have to do with the eyebrows and lips. Below are some helpful tips for getting gorgeous eyebrows and lips.  

Fixing nightmare brows

Eyebrows shape the face and can do a lot to improve your appearance; when done right that is. When done wrong, it could spell disaster and make your face look asymmetrical or just plain weird.  A lot of people get their eyebrows done by a professional because it can be difficult to make both eye brows symmetrically balanced on one’s own; the tendency is to over-pluck.  Eyebrow hairs grow fast so going to a beauty salon once a week just to get it done is overly impractical, sinfully indulgent almost, considering the economic recession.  It is advisable to go to a local beauty salon to get it done professionally, but only to get your brows shaped right. After that, you can simply pluck the stray hairs that grow everyday from then on and only get it done professionally again after a few months or so.  It is best to get yourself a magnifying mirror so that you can see stray hairs clearly.  Stray hairs can stick out like a sore thumb—to get a clear face and appearance there should be no visible trace of stray hairs and you can only really achieve this with the help of a magnifying mirror.  You can also buy brow kits, which come with stencils so that you can make sure that the arch of your eyebrows is in the right place.  Use tweezers instead of a razor as it is easier to commit mistakes with a razor.      

Putting life back to your lips

Luscious lips can gather attention right away, especially when the person is talking.  Chapped lips are a major turn-off but one that is easy to remedy. After brushing your teeth, make sure to brush your lips gently too, with water; you don’t have to use toothpaste for your lips (make sure you have a soft-bristled toothbrush).  This will condition your lips and slough off dead skin cells, and also make you lips seem healthier, plumper. Use a lip balm instead of a lip gloss to make your lips seem more natural.  Glossy lips only make you look like you are drooling or that you just ate something oily.  It can be hard to choose a lip color that best suits you. The color usually changes from one person’s lips to another’s. Pick two contrasting shades (a light one and a dark one) and blend in both shades to achieve your desired color. Avoid shades that are too pink, to red, or too orange as it can make your teeth appear yellow.             

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