Liquid Eyeliner Nib

November 28, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Liquid Eyeliner Nib

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MAC liquidllast & liquid eyeliners in general?

I have the Mac Liquid Last eyeliner but find it really hard to apply in a straight line.

I used to use the body shop eyeliner which had a nice thick nib that you could dip into the liquid liner ink and was really easy to apply. However, the MAC one has a tiny thin brush so it is difficul to get a consistent thick line on the upper lash line.

Can anyone recommend a good long lasting branded eyeline with a nib/applicator similar to the body shop one?

I am officially liquid eyeliner challenged!!!

I use Lancomes Le Stylo eyeliner. It goes on creamy smooth and thin enough to look as though it is liquid. Other than that I just use MACs kohl eyeshadow as a liner.

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