Long Human

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Long Human

Long Human

So you have short hair and always has been fascinated by the catchy waves of long hair? Well, usually the hair grows about one centimeter per month, wait long two years to get the long strands. Do not worry, by implementing extensions human hair can get very long hair and feel great, as they must have been thinking for a long time.

Human hair extensions are the best way obtain applicable solutions for long hair hair and get rid of curly, wave and curly patterns. If you feel strongly about your style statement, hair extensions are for you. In this article we will discuss ways and methods to get the extensions that a state of great style for you.

To get the extension right to improve your appearance, you must do extensive research on where to start. You can also collect extensive information on how appropriate and types of hair extensions that will impact on your hair type. Also, information on methods of insertion can also be very effective before making a proper decision. Furthermore, it is always advisable to check the reference of the salon, which will put extensions in her hair. Ask around, from maintenance programs and the cost of courses.

You can find a lot of different types of hair used for hair extensions. One of they are human hair and synthetic hair. The good feature of synthetic hair is used to fashion colors such as pinks and blues in her hair. However, neither the hair gives it more stability and shine to your hair.

There are three basic techniques for fixing the hair, fusion or chapter by chapter, tissue and bonding.

In the merger / chapter by chapter, small sections of lines applied to the hair using hot sticks or glue made specifically for hair extensions. In tissue, a corn row or track is created around the head and close to the scalp. However, binding glue applied on the weft hair extension and then applied to the root of your hair.

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