Mary Kay Samples

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Mary Kay Samples

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Mary Kay Samples
What is the best way to sell mary kay products?

Hi I have been selling MK products for a about 2 weeks now. I made flyers and little baggies with samples and my business card inside and gave them out. Does anyone have any other marketing ideas?

I'm a consultant and one of the best ways to get customers to service is to have a "fish bowl"! You can buy a ballot box to use as the fish bowl with a simple flyer on it advertising a drawing for your business and provide cards for them to fill out.

Put your business card on the bottom of the ballot box and advise the manager of the store you get permission from that no one gets in the box unless their name is the one listed on the bottom of the box. You'll be surprised how many dishonest people there are that will take the names.

Also, when you have classes, DO NOT have them serve cocktails during the class!!!! T.E..., the one that mentioned having the cocktails during the class was bad advice. I know TE was trying to help but as consultants know, save the snacks and drinks until after the class is over. Having them during hurts your sales even though the products sale themselves.

Mary Kay's website has approved advertising you can use. Check that out on the left column of your home page.

Are you going to your weekly meetings? If not, go! You are not required to go but you'll get so many ideas of what you could do if you did go!

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Mary Kay Consultants : Build Relationships For Success In Mary Kay

Do You Class Avon As Professional Makeup?

Having the right make up for your skin will make a big difference in the way the colors look on you and how young your face looks. Professional make up is made from the best ingredients and it also features special ones to help you with your needs. There is professional make up for those with dry skin, oily skin, wrinkles, and those who need something to prevent them from looking pasty and washed out.

Two of the most popular professional make up brands you can purchase are Avon and Mary Kay. Both offer a variety of make up to select from based on your needs. You can purchase Avon and Mary Kay products from a local representative or online. Both even offer free samples if you are interested in a particular type of make up but want to see the effect before you commit to purchasing it.

One advantage that Mary Kay offers over Avon is that representatives can provide you with a free make over or so that you can try out different products. You can also host a Mary Kay party where you invite friends to get a complete make over. They can purchase professional make up from the consultant at the make over party. The good news is the host will earn free professional make up products based on the dollar amount of the sales from the party.

Professional make up is going to cost more than what you get at the local retail store but you will appreciate the differences it offers you. The appearance is better and your skin will feel and look better. Professional make up also lasts longer since it won’t clump or break as easily.

You can save money on professional make up by hosting a make up party or buying it while it is on sale, generally after the holidays. You can also buy a professional make up kit that features a variety of make up products for a lower price than you can purchase those items separately.

To find out more information about different professional make up brands, read the reviews on the internet and visit the manufacturer’s website. You will want to take a look at their reputation as well as the price of their professional make up products. If you are interested in something they have contact them and ask for a free sample to be mailed to you. Most professional make up manufacturers will gladly do so.

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