Mason Pearson

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Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson

Shampoo as a hair care product
Modern shampoos make big promises but do not meet with them. The answer is no. But we have a range of products its promises. Key requirement of shampoo as a hair care product is very simple. The cleaning of the scalp is the basic requirement of any shampoo.

What are the requirements of shampoo?
This should have the ability to clean hair, "It should work well in all waters.
It should not irritate the eyes or scalp.
It should be soft.
It should not damage the hair

Our major brands of shampoo have the above requirements. The following are the different brands:
Healthy Sexy Hair
Hot Sexy Hair
Mason Pearson
Mixed Chicks

Conditioner as a hair care product:
The term "hair conditioner" means a spray or cream that is applied to the hair to treat hair quality. These can be found in the form of oils, creams, sprays and liquids. There are specific constraints available for specific hair texture ranging from light to deep conditioners.

What Conditioner do?
Conditioners are intended to provide for the recovery of the threads that a poor diet, are treated with products chemicals and are not fed. Used as a filler to fill holes more porous. There is light and deep conditioners available. One has to choose according to hair texture. Conditioners penetrate deep layer of the crust and fill in fragile areas.

All our brands conditioning comply with the above requirements. These are:
Big Sexy Hair
Bio Ionic

Serum as a hair care product:
Hair serum is introduced to make the hair appear healthy and shiny. There are several hair serums as part of the latest trends in style hair products. One has to keep the following tips for using hair care serum.

The hair look oily, if serum is used.
The anti-frizz serum to be used in small amounts, since it is highly concentrated.
To avoid an oily appearance we must ensure that the serum is applied to the ends of the hair.
If the hair serum is applied to the hair roots, the result is a greasy or oily appearance.
Serum should be used on wet hair.
It should not be used for fine or thin hair to avoid oily appearance.
The serum is to be applied in the wave or curl hair in small amounts.

What whey do?
Protects hair from each damaged or dry.
Acts as a key to staying healthy and Shinny hair.
Solve the problem of frizz.
Adds a brilliant reflection on dry hair.
It is the solution perfect to have great hair every day.

Our brands have all the benefits listed above. The different brands are:
Fashion Formula

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