Michael Lohan makes another public attack at Samantha Ronson

December 28, 2008 by marna  
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Michael Lohan makes another public attack at Samantha Ronson

SAMANTHA RONSON IS A "DRUG" As for the "addictive relationship", as I said before, beside being a user and supplier, Sam IS a drug! Just like a drug she is controlling! Can you imagine Lindsay NOT coming home for Christmas! I can't! She never did this before. And even if she has an issue with me over Sam, how about her brothers and sisters! The thing is, Ali, Cody, Michael and even Dina know what Sam is all about and what a negative influence she is on Lindsay and they tell me so. I even have Dina and Lindsay's "assistant" saying so on tape! Unfortunately, everyone wants to stay on Lindsay's good side because of her "celebrity" rather than being honest and upstanding! maybe that's why Dina's life is in the pits and such a mess! Maybe if she would finally do the right thing as a parent, and get on the same page with me, things would change for all our children. Again, the minute Sam is out of Lindsay's life, you will see Lindsay change for the better and be back where God put her in the first place and where he wants her to be. Until then don't expect any "great deeds" or work from Lindsay until; Sam is gone!



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