Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale & Vanessa Hudgens are Tight

November 7, 2007 by Susan  
Filed under Entertainment

In the December issue of Girls Life, Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus talks about her friendship with Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical.  Here's a quote from the article:

 Girls Life: “Tell us a secret about Ashley Tisdale”
Miley Cyrus: “I love her! She’s my best friend. She -- oh! Her dog -- she doesn’t want to train her dog because she says it takes too long. Well, me, her, and Vanessa were having a sleepover at her house. Me and Vanessa slept in one bed and she slept in the other --which is decked out in Tinkerbell. She has like a 7-year old’s room. But she doesn’t want to train her dog so her dog pees in the bed every morning.”
Girls Life: “Ew!”
Miley Cyrus: “Yeah, I know. It’s gross!”



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