Minerals Makeup Pigment

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Minerals Makeup Pigment

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Minerals Makeup Pigment
Mineral Makeup... not Bare Minerals?

A while back there was a little booth in the mall.. the sign said Mineral Makeup. It wasnt Bare Minerals. The guy gave me a little card with the website name but I cant find it anymore. And the booth isnt in the mall anymore.. All I really remember of the makeup was, these pigments he showed me, you could use it as blush, lip gloss, nail polish, and in your hair. I really need the website.. so if anyone knows what Im talking about. help! please.

Most mineral makeup sites have lotsa pretty shimmery minerals. So....who knows???
Just remember most blues and greens aren't lip safe. So be careful to use them right.
I get mine from LAminerals.com....don't know if they set up in your mall...but their eyeshadows double as lip color, nail color, etc....anything not lip safe says so on it.

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Pink and Purple Valentine's Day Look using Supergirlushes Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup Facts

Choosing right makeup is important for  healthy skin.If you have sensitive or problem skin such as rosacea, ruddy red skin or post-laser treated skin

, and have had bad experiences with cosmetics in the past, then  mineral makeup is right choice for you. The minerals not only soothe inflamed skin, but have superior oil control. Once you start using mineral makeup, you will see that the health and condition of your skin will actually improve.

Just a quick summary of  Mineral makeup benefits :

Why Mineral Makeup?

  • 100% pure crushed mineral base makeup - Beneficial for your skin.
  • Oil free and non-comedogenic - Skin can breathe, prevents potential bacteria
  • Talc Free - Prevents skin to look dry and old.
  • Chemical Preservatives Free - Paraben or synthetic fragrances, fillers, or chemical dyes which irritate the skin.
  • Natural Light Reflector - Mica gives the skin a youthful and healthy glow.
  • Organic ingredients - Minimum allergy risk, sensitivity tested
  • Absolute Sun Protection - Micronized TITANIUM DIOXIDE and ZINC OXIDE.
  • Broad color choices - Increased creativity, and flexibility in choices
  • Highly Water Resistant - Titanium Dioxide and Zinc oxide increases to repel water!
  • No Animal Testing
  • Recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists - Applied after laser or peel. The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are anti-inflammatories
  • Cover the redness
  • Help to calm the erythema.
  • Provide coverage and soothing properties
  • Can be applied as soon as the skin has re-epithelized.

Mineral makeup powder is a world apart from other non-mineral powdered makeup. The mineral pigments are all natural in mineral makeup while regular makeup contains synthetic versions of these minerals  .For example, iron oxide may be naturally mined or synthetically made, but still called iron oxide in either case.

There are some facts to be considered for choosing right mineral makeup.

First of all, The   use of mineral powder that contains right ingredients is the most important.  The most irritating ingredients in cosmetics; talc, dye and fragrance needs to be in watch out list.For example;Most non-mineral powders are so drying because they use talc as a main ingredient.  Not only does talc dry the skin out, it is also under suspicion as a carcinogen (cancer causing agent).

Another important point; you need to keep in mind that  mineral makeup is not all organic , it is all NATURAL. You should not be confused with all natural and organic terms.

Also, We can not say that all mineral makeup are vegan.It should be noted that even mineral makeup can contain petro-based, animal-based or synthetic ingredients since they are natural.

Last of all, It is possible  for some people to have allergic reaction to mineral makeup.That does not mean everybody will have a reaction.It is the fact that  while even a good quality natural cosmetic does not carry a guarantee, the likelihood of a reaction is rare.

I recommend that as a mineral makeup consumer you need to consider all of the points that are mentioned above, before purchasing mineral makeup in order to have the best result for your skin. Happy mineral makeup days!

Jennifer Magen
Mineral Makeup - Mahya Cosmetics

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