Mitchell Tea

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Mitchell Tea

Mitchell Tea

It is this diet that has scientific backing to be proven safe and effective, and can taste until you explode slow or fast in the mouth.

A little interesting, you might say.

Diet Green Tea not only provide a simple drink to make you lose comfort weight, but also offers outstanding health benefits include:

  • aid in removing excess toxins in the body of
  • assistance in providing treatment for certain forms of cancer
  • reduces the level of cholesterol in the body

Weight Loss

Try drinking green tea for a whole month instead of regular coffee and you find that you have been losing weight even before end of the month. That is the effectiveness of green tea diet and the absolute power of Green Tea. Drinking green tea significantly increase the body's energy level. An increase in metabolic rate is due to an increased level of energy in the body. If the body's metabolic rate increases (ie, burns calories faster), the weight of the person decreases.


This has been known that there are "free radicals" that exist in the body, and these things tend to cause damage to body cells. Cellular damage can make the body prone to disease. Antioxidants such as polyphenols are known to be present in green tea. Harmful free radicals can be removed by catechins which are found in polyphenols.

Cancer Disease and other

Free radicals are identified as the cause of aging and certain cancers. As mentioned above, polyphenols combat free radicals and halt the progression of unstable oxygen molecules in the body that can cause heart disease and even can cause a stroke.

Cholesterol reduction

The polyphenol catechins of lower bad cholesterol deposited on the walls of the arteries of the heart. Then the body is protected from suffering a heart attack.

Those who live a busy life and always moving and have no time to prepare green tea, the good news is also available in 500 mg tablets. In reality, there is more news about this drink fabulous fad diets.

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