Moving Rubber Wild

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Moving Rubber Wild

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Moving Rubber Wild
Why do drivers lose control near cop cars?

I watch those "wildest police videos" and I keep seeing more and more videos of people that just smack into cop cars that are pulled over on the side of the road with someone else. Why do they do that? Are every single one of them drunk? Do people see lights and have a "moth to flame" syndrome happen to them? Is it rubber necking gone wrong? Or do they just cosmically lose their ability to drive when they see cop lights? Are their giant magnets in the back of cop cars. ~_^ What's the deal?

When I see cop lights on the side of the road, I move a lane over away from them to avoid them because 1) I don't want them to realize I'm speeding too :P and 2) I don't want to take a chance on hitting anyone walking around outside the cars on the side of the road. So I'm having a hard time contemplating what is wrong with people that they run into a cop car. Its not like it jumped out at em. They don't even slow down. They go right into it at full speed. So what's the excuse?

Some drivers tend to stare too long and fix their focus on one thing too long. A police car with its lights flashing, or any other vehicle pulled over on the shoulder of any highway is usually seen by most drivers.
A basic fact of driving or walking or riding a bike is that you tend to steer or walk where you are looking. That's how your brain works.
So, looking too long at a police vehicle combined with fatigue, or impairment of some sort could cause a driver to crash into a police car sitting on the shoulder of the road with its lights flashing.
I have spent many hours of my life driving the highways and I too, make a left lane change (or right) when approaching any vehicle stopped on the shoulder. There is also a law in Alberta Canada which states that when approaching any emergency vehicle or construction zone, a driver must slow down to 60 kph and use caution while passing.

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Gatsby Moving Rubber: "Wild Shake" [English Subs]

Wet and wild water play on Halloween Night

There are so many things you can do on a night that is meant for tricks, treats, and devilish pranks. This is why it makes perfect sense to plan a night, which is full of surprises. Consider an evening of water play for some good, clean or dirty fun.

An evening centered on a naughty night of bath time could be just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy your lover in a steamy bubble bath or take her in the hot tub, literally. No matter what you have planned for the day, your lover will be sure to enjoy the pleasures provided when the sun goes down and the time for water play arrives.

For some spiced up fun, blindfold your lover and lead them to the body of water of your choice, be it the bath tub or the hot tub. You could even use the pool permitting the weather was favorable. Women love being pampered so when you take her hand and lead her into a night of steamy, blind romance she will be sure to moan in pleasure.

The blindfold is a fabulous idea because when it comes time for you to touch her she will not know its coming. She will concentrate on each feeling because as she loses her sight the sense of touch and her other senses will become more powerful.

If you are using the bathtub for the night of pleasure you should use some scented bathing bubbles or oils. Have the bath ready when you lead her to the bathroom. For some added Halloween fun you can add some orange food coloring to the bubble mixture to create a more Halloween-like feeling.

Of course, if she is blindfolded as you walk in she will not see this. So, if you've decorated the room in a Halloween motif then you may want to blindfold her after you have helped her slip into the tub.

Wash her from head to toe. If you love hair, which many men do, take extra care to wash her hair. Scrub her body and all of her intimate spots. When you are done washing and she is nice and relaxed add in some sexy toys to bring her body and her pleasure to new heights.

Waterproof toys are an excellent addition to any woman's bath time. You could use a traditional waterproof vibrator or you could go for a dildo that adds clitoral stimulation. There are also specialty vibrators, such as the rubber ducky, the dolphin, or any other animal you can imagine. One of these will add humor to your already good time.

Let her feel the pleasure as you explore her body from top to bottom with her new toys. As an added tease you should begin with things you already have. Once you get her hot and bothered show her what you bought her when she feels it for the first time. One great tool you could use is an adjustable shower head. If she's in the bath and you are bathing her, turn the shower on and move the shower head between her legs. Adjust the spray and let her feel the power and vibrations that are created with each new adjustment to the shower head.

This will relax her and stimulate her for the rest of the evening where she will be able to return the favor. This sexy foreplay could end with an orgasm or just before when she is on the edge and ready to explode with need.

If you end the bath with her wanting more you could then lead her wherever you feel more comfortable, be it a bedroom, or another room in your house, and show her the need and built up desire you have from teasing her the whole night.

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