Nars Duo Eyeshadow

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Nars Duo Eyeshadow

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Nars Duo Eyeshadow
Whats your favorite white eyeshadow highlighter?

Something that looks sort of like the eyeshadow close to her brow bone.

I need a good one.

I use "Nylon" by MAC or "Shroom"

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NARS Haul: Duo Eyeshadows (Part II)

How to Make Summer 2009 Makeup Trends Work on a Tight Budget

This season, nude makeup is out. Color is in. Color is the pretty, not gaudy.

The look is pretty. Like the high school cheerleader. There is no need to go to extremes to apply makeup that looks like it is not even there. Go ahead. Let the color show. It is cool to be seen in pretty makeup.

At Gucci's Spring/Summer 2009 ready to wear collection, models sashayed down the catwalk with heavily lined eyes. Eye makeup was dramatic while the rest of the face stayed pale. No discernible blusher. Lips were nude. All focus was on the eyes.
A pretty eye shadow in a color like blue goes well with black lined eyes and several coats of black mascara

A pretty purple for the eyelids paired with a pink lipstick is a hot look this season. That's what the model in Gucci ads this season, in glossy magazines, wore. She had on fuschia eyeshadow from shadow to crease and a strong violet eyeshadow from crease to brow bone. Black eyeliner emphasized her eyes and lashings of black mascara opened them up. That is a great look for the bold and beautiful. To balance such dramatic eyes, lips were touched with a soft rose pink. Cheekbones were brought out with a touch of tawny bronzer.

At Versace, makeup for Spring and Summer 2009 is light. Natural. Pretty. But not nude.

Icy blue eyeshadow from lashes to crease highlighted the inner half of Giselle's blue eyes. A salmon or peachy shadow defined the outer half of her eyelids. Eyes were lined with a fine black liner and black mascara emphasized her long lashes. Lips were a medium pink. Color was pretty, but light. Perfect for her tan skin. The look is prettier than nude makeup but still light, with sheer, pretty color.

Stella Mc Cartney sent her models with just as pretty looks. Light makeup with baby pink brought out the healthy glow in these girls. Baby pink lips and cheeks on pale faces. Pinky-orange eyeshadow from crease to brow for a pretty burst of color.

Louis Vuitton went for strong red lips, pale cheeks and black eyeliner, lining smoky eyes. Even smoky eyes were done with color with medium purple replacing the usual blacks, browns or grays.

Translate that to your summer makeup for 2009. The same rules apply. If you go for dramatic eyes, go easy on the lips and cheeks. If you go for strong lips, go easy on the rest of the face. Or go for all over color. The difference is that now, you can boldly use color.

Your summer look need not be expensive. Bolder color does not mean more makeup. It just means stronger eyeshadows instead if you want to go the dramatic eye way.

For starters, all you need is an eyeshadow duo. The drugstore brands would do fine if you are on a tight budget. You can make the color stronger by wetting the brush before applying your eyeshadow.
Get a pink and purple eyeshadow duo. That is the only purchase your probably need for the dramatic eyes look.
Use your favourite existing black mascara and go easy on the rest of the face. A favourite lip gloss or nude lipstick would do fine on your lips to complete the look.

Try the pretty in pink, or all over color look. For that get an all in one color stick like Nars The Multiple that you can use on both lips and cheeks, and even as an eyeshadow.

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