News about the Heath Ledger Suit !!

January 29, 2009 by marna  
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It seems like "The Man" just won't let "The Joker" rest in peace.

ReliaStar has been witholding Heath Ledger's $10 million dollar policy from his beneficiary, little Matilda Rose, because of a cause of death dispute.

Even AFTER a coroner ruled that Ledger passed due to an accidental overdose, ReliaStar refused to cough up the big bucks.

They claimed that Ledgers death could have been a suicide which would have voided the policy.

Enter: Michelle Williams. Williams hired a lawyer in Matilda's name to sue the insurance company proving once again why you should never mess with a cub.

Mother bear will come after you and she will win.

The terms of the settlement are confidental and a closed hearing has been requested for late Februrary.

Shame on you ReliaStar for trying to capitalize on Heath's death.

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