No illegal substances were found at Brittany Murphy’s House

December 22, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Brittany Murphy Passes Away Early Sunday Morning!

Following the sudden death of Brittany Murphy last December 20, 2009, has revealed the list of medications found in Britanny's bedroom found by paramedics and recorded the family called for 911 and they are the following:

1.  Topamax- an antiseizure and anti-migraine medication
2.  Methylprednisolone- an anti-inflammatory drug
3.  Fluoxetine- anti depression drug
4.  Klonopin- anti anxiety
5.  Carbamazepine- diabetic like symptoms and bipolar disorders
6.  Ativan- anti anxiety med
7.  Vicoprofen- pain reliever
8.  Propranolol- antihypertensive and is used to prevent heart attacks
9.  Biaxin- antibiotic
10. Hydrocodone- pain medication
11. Miscellaneous vitamins

The conclusion? No illegal substances were found at Britanny's bedroom unlike humor says. So, let's believe the experts.

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