Paradise Pink Nib

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Paradise Pink Nib

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Are these cages suitable for a Syrian hamster?

Little princess hamster cage -26 x 20 x 27cm
Here's another pic:
Crittertail hamster cage - 18.5" L X 10" W X 10" H

I really need something small and compact as i'm constantly moving, but what do you guys say? is it suitable for a syrian hamster?

Really both are just too small :( Because hamsters need floor space (rather than vertical - levels and stuff) I would try to find something with lots of floors so it still offers lots of rooom - the Imac fantasy is the best thing I have found like this yet :) >,r:2,s:0&tx=72&ty=74

You can often find it cheaply on ebay, or other second hand places, but here it is new>
You would definitely need at least one extension though - the more the better

:) Sometimes a hamster cant be great when you are moving alot - they can get pretty stressed, but what ever you do get you really cant restrict the space that much - they need to get around in there. You can get travel carriers for when you are actually moving though, so you could have a small carry cage as you travel, and unassemble the actual cage for when you move :D

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