Pigment Cosmetic Pigments

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Pigment Cosmetic Pigments

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Pigment Cosmetic Pigments
Is it possible to change my skin pigment(colour) via cosmetic surgery?

I'm just wondering.
no jacko comments please he's obviously not right in the head.
I don't want it darker, i'd prefer it lighter.

ask wacko jacko he has had it done !!!

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Tutorial for aa sheer and natural look with MAC Cosmetics

The Beauty of Cosmetic Medicine -- a Description of Services

The world of cosmetic medicine has been greatly revolutionized in the past decade with the advent of new technologies which enable doctors to completely correct imperfections in our skin in order to improve the overall appearance of our body. It is very common for people to worry about their appearance, after all, we leave in a world which is driven by technology and beauty, our society tends to help people who have an attractive look and will are better able to represent a business or an idea. Let's take a look at a quick list of services which are very popular amongst people who want to look young by correcting many imperfections on their skin.


This procedure is used mainly by people who have very noticeable frown and forehead lines and such, the main reason for the appearance of these lines is the effect time has on us, this is something that no one can avoid however, by taking advantage of the beauty of Botox people are now able to look 10 to 15 years younger than what they currently are, this product has been around for decades now but it is until recently that it was used for cosmetic purposes, this rejuvenation method is so popular and socially accepted that a high percentage of Hollywood stars use it to look younger. On the other hand, there are now cheaper and safer options such as LifeCell skin cream that has the same effects as a Botox treatment.

Laser Hair Removal:

No one likes to grow hair in the wrong places, the way it looks and their reactions of other people are a clear indication that our physical appearance is affected by hair growth. In men it is very common to see excessive hair growth in legs, arms, face, back and shoulders; while some people don't have any problem with body hair those who interact with a refined society will find themselves feeling very uncomfortable and inadequate due to excessive hair growth, luckily enough advances in cosmetic medicine allow patients to have precise laser hair removal which will effectively improve a person's appearance.

Tattoo Removal:

Tattoos are considered to be a form of expression by those who are happy to illustrate their bodies different images. In many cases those who paid to have a tattoo done end up changing their minds and regretting to have marked their skin such a way, cosmetic technology provides all the tools needed to remove such images from our bodies, lasers are used in order to break down the pigment which was to used to create the tattoo, once the pigment has been broken down our skin can naturally dispose of such material.

Acne Treatment:

This is yet another very common problem amongst people of different ages, acne is a skin problem which is believed to be triggered by hormonal changes, they are very likely to start showing up during our teenage years and can last very well to our adulthood. Acne can affect our social relations and lower a person's self-esteem this is why addressing this issue is very important. There are many ways to treat this skin condition however what the problem is severe and scars start to appear in a person's skin the issue needs to be treated with laser technology which is capable of improving the appearance of the affected area.

It is a widely spread belief that these treatments are highly expensive however the results and benefits have to be directly measured against a compensation professionals receive for their services, if you have no problem whatsoever sporting a tattoo or skin marks for the rest of your life that there is no reason why you should have any of this procedure done however, if you are like most people then you know how valuable these services can be, after all first impressions are always important.

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Thanks to advancing technology, potentially dangerous and expensive treatments like botox can take a backseat. Newer systems to treat wrinkles, age related skin damage, and a multiple tude of other issues can be easily fixed simply by using treatments such as the LifeCell Wrinkle Cream. You can read the full review of this miraculous product here - LifeCell Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

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