Plastic Portable Comb

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Plastic Portable Comb

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Plastic Portable Comb
im studeing for exam and i need to know da correct answers for these physics questions please answer!?

1. If u touched the end of a plastic comb with a negatively charged rod, and did the same to the end of a metal rod that was stuck into ground, what would happen to the charge in each case? Explain why.

2. What would happen to the total current in a seies circuit when one of the electrical loads is removed from the circuit? Explain.

3. Calculate the voltage drop across the following elctrical loadds:
a) A food blender that has a reristance of 65 ohms and has a current of 1.85 A flowing through it.

b) A current of 0.15 flows through a resistance of 800 ohms.

c) A bulb that has 0.75 A flowing through it. The resistance of the bulb is 16 ohms

4. Calculate the power rating of a portable electric sander that operates at a voltage 12V. A current of 2.5A flows through the motor operating the sander.

a) V = I * R
I = 1.85
R = 65

V = 1.85 * 65 = 120.25

b) V = 0.15 * 800 = 120

c) V = 0.75 * 16 = 12

4. P = V * I = 12 * 2.5 = 25

I am not very sure about the answers but I feel that they are correct. You may tally the final answers if you have them from someone.

Hope this helps.

Five Great Gbc Portable Binding Systems

Wouldn't it be great to have a binding system that can go wherever you go? One that you could use at the office and then take home for those special personal projects? Or have your child take it to school so he/she can use it in the classroom? Or even take it on the road when your job sends you out of town and you need to put together materials that will impress your colleagues and clients? If you think so, you need a GBC portable binding system. These devices are high-quality and were designed to be taken on the road. Here is five you should check out....

  1. CombBind C55. This is one of GBC's smallest devices. It can punch up to five sheets of paper at a time and it can be used to bind books that contain 90 pages or less. It is compatible with binding combs that are up to 1/2" thick and it has a rotary comb opener. This device is lightweight and it has an integrated handle so you can carry it without any problem. It is small enough to be stored in a desk drawer, so this is a great device to get if space is at a premium.
  2. BindMate. The BindMate is really two devices in one. It is a plastic comb binding machine but it also doubles as a three-hole punch. It has an 8-sheet punching capacity and can handle combs as wide as 5/8" (125 pages). It is super easy to switch between functions. All you need to do is flip a switch. There's even a carrying handle built into the device. This is the ideal machine if you need both a comb binding system and a three-hole punch as it will help you save space.
  3. CombBind C95. This is another device that has a built-in handle. However, the C95 has bigger punching and binding capacities than the C55 and BindMate. It can punch up to 15 sheets per lift and bind books up to 170 pages long. The C95 is compatible with both plastic combs and GBC ZipBind spines, and there's a comb selector guide so you can pick the right supplies. There's also an electric version of this machine available, the C95E.
  4. CombBind C340. The C340 is one of GBC's newer machines and it has some great features. For one thing, it has a fantastic 25-sheet punching capacity and it will bind documents that contain as many as 450 pages. It has a document separator which will divide your pages into even piles for punching and the automatic centering system ensures that the paper will be aligned perfectly. The lever doubles as a carrying handle. Like the C95, you can use ZipBind spines with this device.
  5. ProClick P50. The P50 is a device that can be used with GBC ProClick spines. ProClick spines can be opened and closed by hand with a special zipper tool that's included in every box of supplies. The P50 is essentially a hole punch that punches the 3:1 32-hole pattern that's compatible with these spines. You can bind books that are up to100 pages long with ProClick supplies and the P50 can punch six sheets at once.

With GBC portable binding systems, it's possible to bind wherever your travels take you. So get one now and get ready to bind anywhere and everywhere

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