Pro Ceramic

January 25, 2007 by The Gossip Chic  
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Pro Ceramic

Pro Ceramic
Do any of you girls use Corioliss Pro Ceramic Hair Straightener?

I use the Corioliss Pro Ceramic hair iron (choosing one) and my hair has been falling out * * sad face! It has Tourmaline ceramic plate that is supposed to protect your hair. Do any of you girls use this hair iron? This cost me $ 200.00! So, did it make ur hair fall too? My hair has to break the roots!

Hello, I have the Pink one .. bought last year (not the mall either, but on eBay and is the real one too). No, it makes my hair fall out, but if the iron clamp until the hair very hard and then pull down to straighten your hair then if you fall (pull) out. do not do that. Sheds hair every day, so if not only normal amt worry but if you're getting or how much hair to fall out then I do not know what to say. Do you even be something in your hair before straightening? as a serum or mopisturizer? That is what protects the hair from headt, cuz if u do not protect, then guess what you're outside of the hair that will fry. My iron doesn't even have a temperature setting has 1 heat setting which is 210 ° C which is hot .... hotter than boiling.

JML Pro Ceramic Peeler

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