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Pro Nano

Pro Nano

If ever the history of cars be redrafted, then Indiae € ™ s first car manufacturer and the industrial giant order tataa € ™ s Nano will be firmly etched in golden words as a car that became â € ~ a dreamerâ € ™ s dream true.â € ™

There was a dream and a dream team behind the most prestigious and challenging projects undertaken by an Indian company. No, let's say in all modesty, but for Tata to launch a car price tagged at sub or near sub Rs 1,00,000 amount.

The dream was conceived by its architect (even by educational qualification) - Ratan Tata, about four years ago when he learned of Maruti Suzuki honcho belching the now famous challenge of building A car in which â € ~ priceâ € ™ was nearly impossible.

This challenge not only fired Mr Tata but also his dream building a team of dedicated professionals and auto experts as to realize that in just a shadow of four years!

It was a sight when Mr Tata addressed a packed auditorium at the Auto Expo 2008 last January at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi when the vehicle was unveiled in front of guests comprising Union Ministers, VVIPS, dignitaries and journalists.

Tata, in his humble but charming way unraveled the mystery behind the â € ~ dream became reality € ™ and tribulations and the truth clearly stated in the dreamy eyes and bright. The sense of relief was more than evident as he explained the whole project without losing vital signs that not even Sherlock Holmes could not be able to reveal in its entirety, but for those of us who were present on the occasion, It was like the proverbial â € ~ horses mouth.â € ™

Dream became a reality was not easy to come as the costs should be reduced proportions which coincided with the supplies required in terms of quality and liberation. Power train, engine design, external and the interiors were all challenging in their own way and yet integrated in a single â € ~ small but â € ~ biga € ™ car.

This project, according to Mr Tata would not have been possible without techno savvy, ambitious young engineers and professionals, who put in their sweat and labor throughout the exercise.

He had all the elements of a successful development as one went through the motions, but the project is prestigious as it was led by a dreamer, an innovator and a true leader early leader, the result was everything to do with the Nano.
For all of you doomsayers € ™ â € "either in the environment, competitors and fence sitters € ~ â € ™, Mr Tata gave an answer consistent and only Nano.â € ~ â € ™

Nano in Gujarati rightly means â € ~ SMALL € ™ and the name itself emanated Gujarati spirit â € "for the assignment or otherwise (are you listening Tata?). A family of four comfortably installed in safety, comfort and â € ™ € ~ luxury of a car was exactly what Mr Tata dreamed all about when this project was conceptualized prestige.

There may be more to Mr. tataa € ™ s â € ™ € ~ Nano car with everyone the miniaturization of their individual plans (Bajaj â € "Renault, Toyota, and others to follow) to put a small car. But then tataa € ™ s Nano is in a different league of having stolen the The final initiative on the rest.

Choke the streets, leaving the parking space is reduced to millimeters with the Tata Nano, but definitely have brought dream of â € ™ € ~ reality on the streets with Nano for the â € ~ half ClassA € ™ of the Indian family.

Than Indian peasant fire your imagination use your â € ~ Tata Nano € ™ for carrying cans of milk (precariously from car windows or placed in the chapel. Let your calves and transport tools. Rural sari that the supplier take different route every day to serve its customers with family in tow, or allow that drivers using Nano to assist bus passengers left in the lurch when a breakdown or strike!

Nano is here where they exist; before it hits the roads!

Mr. Tata, we are holding for now? Forget about environmental smoke emissions standards, leaving the Government's fight on barriers bureaucratic and administrative, and, finally, while allowing opponents to raise a â € ~ war mourn, â € ™

I will say this.

Mr. Tata, have become â € ~ Nano, â € ™ for everyone!

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Article Source: - Tata Nano – People’s Car for People of India From Tata Motors

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