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Pro Size

Pro Size

Promote the design of the HTC Diamond, HTC Touch Pro has the strong, and revolutionary points that the Diamond and gets along with several other improvements to create what is in the final instance, a business focused device. It may indeed be thicker than the thin exterior of the HTC Diamond, and can weigh a little more too, however, both The extra size and weight are used to provide useful features that make the HTC Touch Pro stand out as a business platform.

HTC Touch Pro Features

Naturally, being based on the diamond as it is, the HTC Touch Pro comes with a revolutionary interface that is the TouchFlo 3D. Time is money, as they say, and taking in mind this is a business based on the device, the ability to seamlessly and quickly navigate through the options and features that the TouchFlo 3D provides is nothing less than copy. Having been slightly improved since the diamond, which is also more stable and slightly faster.

One of the major contributors the thickness of mobile telephony is the presence of a full QWERTY keyboard that can slide out from under it. Being a family key agreement, most should have no problem using it, is almost similar to that of a regular computer. Decently sized keys, and a good fit to the general, the keyboard is actual use expediency.

As it slid, several other shortcuts automatically appear on the screen, providing quick access to additional certain tasks. In fact, it could not be simpler, if he desires.

Another business-oriented feature is the TV output function. With this nifty little feature, you can easily deliver Power Point presentations to an audience that requires nothing more than an output device such as a projector or television. What's more, with the keyboard, the last-minute changes to the text can be made on the fly without problems at all.

Powerful business tool

For anyone involved in the business anyway, the HTC Touch Pro offers everything from speed to convenience and accessibility to the flexibility. Whether checking or replying emails, editing presentations while on the road or surf the Internet to obtain information Last minute, there is no limit to the functions that can be done.

This, together with the technology of the HTC Touch Pro means that it should never be a situation in which any user of the Touch Pro should sit down and think, "Gee, I wish my phone did."

Of course it can not be the thinnest mobile phones, however phones of its kind to include a keyboard generally rarely are. It would indeed be a difficult task find another mobile phone that works as well as the HTC Touch Pro and has many useful features that all meshes and provide great business advantages.

Thus, HTC seems to have come with a real winner that will undoubtedly be one of the mobile phone deals to watch.

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