Rachel Bilson Gives Hayden Christensen a 10 on Kissing

February 12, 2008 by Susan  
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Rachel Bilson spilled the beans during an interview with BANG Showbiz about her costar in her new film Jumper, Hayden Christensen. She said: "I'm sure all the ladies will be happy to know Hayden is a 10 when it comes to kissing." Hayden also had nice things to say about Rachels kissing. He said, "Rachel is top notch too, we kiss well."

When asked about filming sex scenes, Rachel said, "Sex scenes and love scenes are always uncomfortable just because it's so unnatural and it's usually forced. I was lucky enough to have someone as handsome as Hayden, but it's always a bit awkward." Hayden had a similar response to that question. He said, "There are cameras around, and you are kissing someone for the first time - it's weird."

Rachel Bilson Jumper Hayden Christensen

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