Refreshing Rinse

August 10, 2006 by The Gossip Chic  
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Refreshing Rinse

Refreshing Rinse
FANCI refreshing color rinse?

I have this in Shy blonde. when bleach my hair comes out orange. I will not make the trip from 2 hours to get Sallys If some toner this will work equally well. so I want to know if this willl even orange. : D Oh, I'm not bleaching my whole head. few random bits

This could neutralize the orange, however, is a color rinse. This means that as soon as hair shampoo is rinsed. I suggest you get "Shimmer Lights" is in a purple bottle, is a purple shampoo that neutralizes the brassiness (orange). all you do is wet your hair (usually in the shower), apply an amount the size of a quarter of Shimmer Lights along your hair, leave no more than five minutes, then rinse and follow with your favorite conditioner. now, Sally does not sell, but two hours one way to dive for that alone! I'm pretty sure Walmart sells so well. If not, you can always buy it online. not expensive at all. Oh! sometimes the blonde will be in purple if you use hot water. It also hinders the hot hair care so that when water is directly in the hair try to use warm water. if you exit the shower and the announcement of a purple tint, do not panic, all you have to do is to re-wash with regular shampoo. (orange yet to nuetralized)

A rinse in Hyde Park - 1st January 2009

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