Revlon Colorstay Active

December 4, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Revlon Colorstay Active

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Revlon Colorstay Active
revlon colorstay ACTIVE Foundation?

i'm thinking of buying revlons colorstay active foundation, is it good?

ill be wearing maybelline mineral make-up over the top,
does it give good coverage and what is it's consistensy lol, can't spell :)

thanks :)

I've tried the revlon colorstay active foundation, it's actually a really good foundation for hot weather since it doesn't rub off your face and it has spf 25 in it which is really good for your skin to reduce wrinkles and any sun rays that could damage your skin. It's light coverage but can be be buildable. You have to work with it slowly on each section of your face because it does dry fairly quickly. The foundation colors are hard to figure out...I've tried nude and sand beige. I forgot which one is darker but they're really close in color. You can always match it with the regular colorstay, the numbers kind of corresponds with the shades since you can't tell what color you're getting in the tube. It's the same amount of foundation also like the regular colorstay (1ML).

It'll give you good coverage, as I've said before it's light coverage and it's not too too thick but not as watery as most foundations. Not sure how to It's not gel like but it is creamy (somewhat).

For preference, I am NC 37/C4 in MAC when I'm not tan. Right now I'm got a bit tanner so I would bump up a shade that I mentioned earlier in the colorstay.

No items matching your keywords were found.

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