Rolling Styler

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Rolling Styler

Rolling Styler

GHD, which means Good Hair Days, is one of the most famous in the world of hair and beauty brands. GHD are recognized for having revolutionized hairdressing smoothing industry, quality and performance of there products. Every few months get a limited edition GHD GHD hair iron or gift set. These tend to involve either A new version of the GHD IV Styler or add something in the package as a product.

In the past, GHD have succeeded in gathering some very popular packages Limited edition. There have been gift sets Pink GHD, in relation to breast cancer progression. Pink GHD sets have also included a free trial mat hot coil or set of makeup. In total there have been about 4 different DWGS Pink in the last 4 / 5 years. Another set was very popular GHD Christmas gift GHD Purple Gift Set. It was released for Christmas 2008 and incorporated a unique pattern in the hair iron barrel. There was also a travel hair dryer included and a Purple GHD case Heat resistant to the store roll straighteners and beauty products.

So, what next for GHD? Well, it was announced they are launching another GHD Hair Styler The new GHD called rare. The rare GHD hair iron comes in a glossy black finish of gold, ceramic plates. This helps to make this new Styler stand out in crowded market place. Moreover, as shaper of the new glossy black, there is a special Leopard Print Carry Case and bag Styler. This pouch is heat resistant and can use to store your straightener after use, without worrying that you burn the surface or purse. The Rare GHD IV Styler has been locked in a velvet effect box body very hard to finish off the package. The set GHD gift set are rare, then the packets in a box with the heading style cap which is decorated with the leopard print to match the heat bag. The tag line for the straightener is "A New Breed Hair Styler. In fact, the styler is very similar to the GHD dark version that was released that same year, but not the same. The gold colored plate that makes this only slightly different and the letters on the barrel is also gold.

This time there is no DVD with GHD gift set. However, still styler comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years, compatibilities of tension throughout the world, so you can use abroad. An auto mode switch off, so the new closure and styler off if left idle for 30 minutes and the great heat regulated technology has become famous for the large GHD hair straightening results. The new design is expected to be released some time in May and the number to be limited, the estimate of about 60,000 and come with an RRP of £ 129. If we judge the possible success of this in recent Glossy Styler GHD Black which was released This must be very popular. So get ready for the Rare IV Styler "> Rare GHD IV Styler release shortly after the first week of May.

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