Rubber Hair

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Rubber Hair

Rubber Hair

Are you looking for a way to fix the extension hair itself without the use of glue? If you do not want to use glue, then you can use some other type of fixation for braided hair extensions called. The use of braided hair extensions is a little tricky, but when you do use the easy steps I have developed further then you are going to get flashy braids all the time you move with it.

There are some things that are required for this work. They comb, conditioner, hair clips, hair bands and the corresponding plastic hair extensions. The target = "_blank"> do it yourself step by step guide for setting hair extension goes:

Step 1

Apply the conditioner hair to make it smooth and shiny. You can either try real hair stand cheek before stranding with the corresponding extension

Step 2

Divide hair with the help of a clip to hold each of the parties. Grab a part of your hair with one of his hands, takes a part of the hair extension and put over your hair primary is conducted by hand.

Step 3

Wind your hair round the hair extension in your scalp. Try to grab a range difficult to see that hair remains in the correct position.

Step 4

Divide the hair that is being held in three parts. The two parts are make your hair extensions while the latter contain your hair.

Step 5

The next step is the braid of the parties that hair. Start from the right and move to the middle and right shift toward the center. Try to do the braiding to be firm. Keep switching the second and the third to the middle while trying to plait braid many as you want. Finish with a rubber band or hair band to use for it.

Step 6

If the recently concluded DIY guide for fixing hair extension seems difficult so that you understand very well, there is no alternative for him. You can see the alternative method which is easier on the target = "_self"> DIY Hair Extension Explanation

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