Scalp Therapy

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Scalp Therapy

Scalp Therapy

Scalp Therapy

Because the body can not shed the old skin as rapidly as new cells rise to the surface, raised patches of dead skin develop on the arms, back, chest, elbows, legs, nails, between the folds of the buttocks and scalp. Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease and proliferatve genetically determined characterized by a sharp, well defined plaques covered by silvery scales that appear mainly on the importance of the extensor and scalp.

Psoriasis is often so mild that it is hardly noticed by the person concerned, but it can sometimes so severe that the patient should be admitted to hospital for treatment. Psoriasis is probably a of the longest known illnesses of humans and simultaneously one of the most misunderstood. A complete medical history and an examination of the skin, nails, and scalp are the basis for a diagnosis of psoriasis.

Psoriasis tends to be worse in people with immune system disorders for other reasons (cancer, AIDS or autoimmune diseases). The disease first appears on the scalp, where lesions appear as scaly patches on the scalp and may spread further involving different areas of the skin, mainly on the limbs and trunk.

Scalp Psoriasis

People to scratch one time too often in public are often seen as people with embarrassing health problems. And since you can not explain why each and every foreign scratching him, his confidence can suffer when you are the beneficiary of the not-so-looks nice. As a result of psoriasis of the scalp are many feel embarrassed about whether someone is constantly watching itchy scalp or your skin flakes that fall off as zero.

Psoriasis of the scalp differs of seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff, because the scales of psoriasis are dry, not greasy. Psoriasis of the scalp, basically looks like a really bad case of dandruff, but can be very annoying or painful depending on the level of gravity. In general, scalp have been characterized by high plaque psoriasis, inflamed lesions covered silvery white. Although not dangerous, scalp psoriasis can be persistent and difficult to treat.

Psoriasis Treatment scalp

There is no magic cure for psoriasis in the scalp. The target = "_blank" title = "Treatment of psoriasis natural "> the best natural treatment for psoriasis on the scalp would be a combination of internal and external treatments. External treatment includes treatment herbal to put under the control of dermatitis of the scalp. We want natural herbs that are hard for our bodies. Treatment of psoriasis of the scalp goals of repairing damaged tissue that leads to scaling and itching, while providing long-term health to protect the scalp and prevent outbreaks, loss Hair localized inflammation.

Scalp Psoriasis has different effects on all those who suffer from what is important to remember that not all treatments work the same for everyone. Sometimes it can take some patience to find the right treatment. If one treatment does not work, do not give up, just a question to find the right one.

For patients whose psoriasis is limited to the scalp, treatment is usually first-line daily target = "_blank" title = "dandruff shampoo"> dandruff shampoo. If you have psoriasis on the scalp, helps to wash your hair every day. Psoriasis shampoo in combination with title = "Treatment of Psoriasis"> topical treatments to reduce irritation, heal wounds and provide restoration of tissue - to provide rapid relief for enlargement, tenderness and crusting. First apply the tar shampoo as Tarsum, which is available to us, to the scalp. Rub the liquid into the scalp, then wait 15-20 minutes before showering. Your doctor may prescribe a cream cortisone to rub into your scalp after shampooing or before bedtime.

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