Sebastian Laminates

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Sebastian Laminates

Sebastian Laminates

The manufacturing additives, AKA desktop manufacturing, manufacturing of additives, the manufacture of solid free-form three-dimensional printing or layered manufacturing, has always been at the forefront of design and development.

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For a rapid prototyping that are like the shape and function as the unit of production in particular, developers may be able to make a product that meets the expectations of consumers and sponsors.
Through a mixture of layered manufacturing strategies and traditional model making the top of the range of prototypes can be created with less cost and faster implementation times.
Compared with standard manufacturing methods as milling and turning, layered manufacturing is accuracy more seriously again, the speed and quality.
Because of the advantage, the rapid creation of Prototype services are being offered by the companies engineers and system developers to better understand their product and better communicate with their target customers.

SLS is one of the tools used in the layered manufacturing methods. In the manufacture of desktop SLS, a CO2 laser is used to melt powdered materials thermoplastics to create layers.

The prototypes created from SLS processes are powerful and more affordable for stress. The materials used in the market DuraForm include, CastForm, Somos 201, FR85A and LaserForm. Most of the prototypes created from these materials are sometimes prepared for use and require only minimal cleaning and finishing.
Stereolithography SLA or creates layers of the prototype through the use of a solid-state laser.

In LOM, by contrast, uses a sheet of paper with one side laminated with adhesive. The laser reduces the outline in the paper. This process involves no chemical reaction that makes it cheap and large parts can be made.

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